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Chill Zone, LLC has been meeting the indoor and outdoor heating and cooling needs of thousands of customers. Our customers include restaurants, resorts and industrial businesses to residential homes. We’ve supplied portable heaters and cooling fans to the NFL, NCAA, PGA, NASCAR and numerous music festivals.

No matter what the temperature outside, our products can help provide relief from the heat and protection from the cold. We design, build, and install Misting Systems, Misting Fan Systems and Outdoor Heating Systems to meet our customers’ needs.

We also provide special effects fogging and mistscaping for fountains, pools and ponds. In addition, our Misting Systems are very effective in increasing humidification in greenhouses, suppressing dust and providing odor control in industrial settings. Our patio misters are perfect for restaurants or any situation where keeping patrons both cool and dry is essential. ChillZone, LLC also works extensively with Misting Systems and Misting Fans for Animal Cooling, including livestock, dogs, and kennels.

In addition, has heating options including Heating Benches, Outdoor Leisure Heaters, Home and Commercial Patio Heaters for versatility in your outdoor comfort and convenience.


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