Misting Tents

Misting Tents

Misting TentsChill Zone sells designs and builds a variety of Misting Tents including High-Pressure and Mid-Pressure (Premium and Standard) Misting Tents.

Our standard Misting Tent Models are 10’ x 10 and come in a variety of colors. Chill Zone also sells High-Pressure Misting Inflatables, Misting Domes and Mid-Pressure Misting Inflatables. An Inflatable Misting Systems’ design is only restricted by your imagination. The pricing for Misting Inflatables or Custom-Designed Misting Tents are dependent on design and structure.

Chill Zone offers the highest quality with these Misting Tents and Misting Inflatables. We are the only company that builds its systems in-house and tests them extensively before shipping the Misting Tents and Misting Inflatables to you, the customer. Our Misting Tents and Inflatables always come as a complete package, ready to use, unlike some companies who simply send you the Tent and Misting System and have you put it together and never test it for problems.

Own your own tent? Want to make it into a Misting Tent? Chill Zone also sells the Misting Components that will turn a tent you already own into a Misting Tent. Please call for pricing.

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