Chill Zone LLC and Locker Shield have agreed to a partnership, Chill Zone LLC with be the exclsusive distributor to the Northeast US region and to NASCAR. Locker Shield is a nano surface protectant that inhibits microbial growth on all applied surfaces. It accomplishes this WITHOUT the use of poisons, phenols, alcohols, or heavy metals like nano silver or colloidal silver. It is easily applied to most substrates to protect them from microbial growth. EPA registered, tested, long acting, non-leaching “bound” technology. Odorless, colorless, invisible and long lasting.

Environmentally friendly due to non-leaching, non-depleting bound technology. All antimicrobials are NOT created equal. It is important to understand the basic chemical, physical, and biological properties of an antimicrobial so the best choice can be made.

Because of its unique mode of action and inability to migrate from a treated surface, our technology is the obvious choice to minimize environmental contamination and the development of resistant organisms.

  • No poison
  • Non leach
  • No upload
  • Non-migrating
  • Bound
  • Water based
  • No lawsuits
  • No triclosan

Our EPA registered products are environmentally friendly due to their properties – they are non-dissipating, non-leaching and non-migrating away from the applied substrate. It cannot be absorbed by microorganisms or by humans.
It is safe to use and applied easily at home.
Lockershield has been rigorously-tested, proven to be effective and is 100% safe.
Chill Zone is already looking after athletes around the country, in various sports, by providing its cooling and heating products to them so they can perform at their peak regularly. Locker Shield will also keep them healthy and keep the bacteria levels which cause staph infections, strep, influenza or MRSA low, keeping the risk to those athletes low as well.
Locker Shield can be used in the household, in schools, in restaurants, offices, and any place where bacteria can grow and cause illness.
You can visit Locker Shield at for more information or contact Chill Zone directly. Samples are available to try and compare its effectiveness versus just the every day chemicals you currently use. Locker Shield is non-chemical and is green technology.  Do not wait to kill the bacteria in the important areas and keep yourself, your family, your employees or your athletes safe and bacteria free.

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